Monday, October 25, 2010

Midwest Middle Level Conference Session Websites
  • A "3-ring binder for the web”
  • View other people’s binders
  • Organize them neatly and easily
  • Present them with pride
  • Collect your resources
  • Personal use: I have found tons of great information in binders that other people have posted to help me with lesson plans, or just teaching tips in general. So many great technology finds to help expand your horizons, and to teach you how to use the tools. I thought about using it to organize the technology tools presented in this class.
LiveBinders, Inc. (2008-2010). Live Binder. Retrieved October 8, 2010 from
  • Lesson plan database (coming soon)
  • Teacher’s corner for discussions and tips (coming soon)
  • Create your own avatar to motivate students to participate, collaborate creatively, and personalize relationships
  • Can use them for blogging, etc.
  • Personal use: I have made avatars for introducing units on Blackboard, to share directions on how to find things on Blackboard, and on the blog feature. Kids would rather listen to my avatar than me, and they like to create their own and send them to each other.
Oddcast, Inc. (2007-2008). Voki For Web. Retrieved October 8, 2010 from
  • Group conversations are collected and shared in one place
  • Collaborative slide show that can have images, documents, and videos
  • People can leave comments using voice, text, audio files, or videos
  • Share your voice thread with friends, students, parents, or colleagues
VoiceThread LLC. (2007-10). VoiceThread. Retrieved October 8, 2010 from

  • Free Technology for Teachers is a blog written by Richard Byrne and read by a daily audience of more than 25,000 subscribers.
  • It has everything from teacher lesson ideas relating to technology, free resources, and it makes it easy for teachers from all over to communicate with each other and share ideas.
  • Personal use: I have participated in blogs on this site, and downloaded lots of free materials. There is tons of sharing of information from teachers from all over, and lots of tutorials for almost everything technology.
Bryne, Richard. 2010. Free Technology for Teachers. Retrieved October 25, 2010 from
  • Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
  • Allows teachers, students, scientists, and parents to collaborate and on inquiry based investigations to collect data about our environment.
  • It can then be shared with others all over the world to create a huge database.
  • Personal use: I have not used this site personally since it is an 8th grade topic, but I did share it with our 8th grade teachers who will hopefully find a lesson to connect with other students around the world.
The GLOBE Program. 2010. GLOBE Program. Retrieved October 25, 2010 from

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